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2017  Annual Report


547 Ridgetop Circle

Clyde, North Carolina   28721

March 30, 2017

Dear Members,

Our By-Laws require that an Annual Report be issued to the members prior to April 1st each year.

1)  Water System:    Our water system is in good working order.  Improvements and renovations to the pump house and high bay booster were completed last year.  No major changes or improvements are planned for this year.


2) Roads:   Beginning in the first few weeks in April we will began repairing and grading our road system which will include building up the gravel base where needed.  Hopefully we can begin to bring the roads back to the conditions we enjoyed prior the 2016 draught which prevented any effective maintenance efforts.

         As always the quality of our roads is a function of the weather, proper maintenance, use of         4 WD vehicles and strict observance of the 15 MPH speed limits.  Pay particular attention to         driving on the OUTSIDE (high side) of all switchbacks. This may seem counter intuitive but it         is essential to preserving our roads and keeping maintenance costs down.  Please keep this         in mind as you, your families and friends enjoy our mountain.

     3) Finance:   Our financial statements for the year ending 12/31/2016 and the status of our         Reserves can be found in the annual report documents attached and on the Hurricane         Ridge website. In compliance with our bylaws, an independent Audit must be conducted         annually. The report will be sent to the membership upon its completion.

We are continuing our work limiting access to trespassers.  The technology we were considering last year requires a direct internet connection.  Skyrunner, our internet provider, doesn’t believe we can get a signal at the gate.  It seems the geography doesn’t allow a view of Chambers Mountain.  We will look into a cellular connection this spring.

    We also would like to urge those of you who do not have an automatic gate opener to contact     Bill Sanislow at 828-400-1621 and purchase one for $35. The “clicker” will save time and avoid     you having to keep up with the more frequent gate code changes.

        2017 Annual Report documentation can be found at     

  If you would like a hard copy of any documentation please notify the Board at

      Thank you

      Don Ostrowski