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2019 Annual Report

Balance Sheet 12-31-18

2019 Budget Summary

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547 Ridgetop Circle

Clyde, NC  28721

March 5, 2019

Dear Members,

The By-Laws require an Annual Report be given to the membership prior to April 1 each year.

1. Water System: The water system is in great shape and received great reviews from the state. There have been no major issues. Jeff Parris did take care of a couple smaller issues.

2. Roads: Right now, the roads are in pretty good shape.

a. The roads are always in a state of flux. In the winter, the water in the road freezes and expands. When the water thaws, the road bond is broken, soft and saturated. This leads to mud. We have been more fortunate this year with less mud so far. Please avoid any such areas and do not drive in the same ruts as others as much as possible.

b. To help the road stay in the best shape possible and reduce washboard, we encourage all of you and your guests to:

i. Use the entire width of the road to keep the road bond packed and spread out the stress

ii. Stay outside, away from the cones, on the switchbacks

iii. Drive slowly (less than 15 MPH)

iv. Use 4WD all the time, both up and down

3. Finance: Our financial statements for year 2018, Budget for 2019 and other documents are attached. They can also be found at under the Annual Report tab.

4. The Board, under direction from legal counsel, is continuing to process the directives from the 2018 Annual Meeting regarding changes to the Deeds and Restrictions subsequent to the Pavilion. More information will be sent out in a separate communication shortly.

5. Hurricane Ridge Sign: Our sign gave way to a serious gust of wind and was knocked down. We are processing this through our insurance to get it replaced asap.

6. Gate Clicker/Remote: This is available from Bill Sanislow (828-400-1621) for $35. This makes it easier to get through the gate and keep up with gate code changes.

I hope the winter was kind and you are able to return to and enjoy ‘Our Ridge’ this year.

With best regards,

Jim Pignatiello

President, HRPOA